Training and Education

Four Phase Energy provides hands-on training and education. In particular, we have a powerful results oriented sales course to help create consistent growth for companies.
Steve Geiger
Four Phase Energy CEO / Energy Consultant / Instructor
Teaching a solar energy class at the Learning Exchange in Sacramento 01/28/2017
Solar is the fastest growth energy sector, calling for a sales force equipped to support the momentum. Our Solar Sales Training Program equips you with the top 10 elements for a successful career in solar sales.
Michael Dela Pena
Four Phase Energy President / Director of Operations
Michael's class at American River College completing the Beginning PV course.
We have been providing technical installer training programs, as well as sales training for nearly 30 years. Our training classes are some of the most highly acclaimed in the country.
Steve Geiger
Four Phase Energy CEO / Energy Consultant / Instructor
Instructing Sierra College Solar Energy Technician course during a PV install on the campus. 

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  1. It is very important for new grid-tied system owners to know the following: you will not have electricity if the grid power goes off. This is a safety feature for utility workers that ensures that a line is not energized from a home. Bimodal systems are available but they require a charge controller and a battery bank, and are more expensive.
    Using less electricity should be the first step. You will see a sooner payback on your investment!