Thursday, February 2, 2017

Solar Knowledge Can Be Yours Follow up to the seminar!

Oh boy was that informative!  If you missed last week’s What About Solar Power? seminar at the Learning Exchange Sacramento, then you missed a chance to learn from the best for sure!  In case you missed my first post about this class, the attendees had the opportunity to learn from top college professor and head of Sierra College's Construction and Energy Technology Department our very own Steve Geiger about all things solar power!  

Folks from all over the local area were stoked to learn about varying subjects relating to solar including; PV basics from technology to applications, utility rates and what to expect once you go solar, mounting options and a slew of other topics that are a must know for everyone who is interested in solar!

Did you know that regular grid tied systems aren’t normally designed to work when utility power goes out? Or that a solar investment shouldn’t be considered maintenance free?  How about the different options of monitoring and inverter technology that are available to choose from these days?  If you want to learn more, stay tuned!  

We are hosting another Learning Exchange event soon!  Date to be announced! Follow the Four Phase Energy Blog or our Facebook page to get info on your next opportunity to Learn from the Best!

Check out some snippets from the seminar HERE!

Exchanging knowledge at the Learning Exchange

Steve Geiger teaching about solar power at the Learning Exchange 1/28/17

Joel Ussery lecturing about utility rates and going solar at the Learning Exchange 1/28/17

Four Phase Energy photos from The Learning Exchange Seminar - 
What About Solar Power? 1/28/17

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