Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump vs Renewable Energy

As America can see, the energy policies between the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration are at odds with one another as is most American's opinions between the two Presidents. We are divided but solar is a bipartisan issue. At least that is what we thought.

In the last few days, the climate change and renewable agenda has been whipped off the White House web site and instead replaced with 'An America First Energy Plan' that does not mention renewable energy. Instead, all the oil, gas and coal we can drill, frack and mine right here! And in a blink of the eye, the Dakota and Keystone pipeline has been approved and the EPA is taking a beating as well. 

Trump has never been a fan of solar and wind. See where he stands on the issues- Donald Trump on Energy and Oil. The new president made clear in his 2015 book, "Crippled America," that he believes renewable energy is a bad investment. Even developing alternative forms of energy from renewable sources is "a big mistake," he said. 

This sounds pretty dismal for all the hard workers in the Clean Energy Industry. Solar Industry Magazine has a more in depth analysis on where we are heading into the new year. See 'What a Trump Administration means for U.S. Solar'.

As proponents of solar worry about the fate of this industry, which employs more people then coal, oil and gas in our Nation, there is renewed faith that we will overcome on one simple principle of Capitalism; supply, demand and hopefully an awakening. 

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