Thursday, January 12, 2017

Solar Knowledge can be Yours; Learn From the Best

How much solar power would benefit my household? This is a question that we address often at Four Phase Energy. It is an important question, one that should be answered by professionals. After all, PV is an investment that should be working for you for decades to come! We at Four Phase Energy have all the training and abilities to comprehensively answer those questions. How, you ask? Just ask our CEO Steve Geiger. Steve is the department chair of Construction and Energy Technology at Sierra College. He currently heads up Sierra College’s green energy and construction program. Determined to find solutions to our ever-growing energy crises, he is responsible for training the next generation of PV and green energy installers and entrepreneurs.

The Sierra College program has several focuses, including hands-on solar installation, project management and solar sales. Some training even includes preparation to sit for a nationally recognized solar exam called the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) for PV. Four Phase Energy design and management staff all either work as educators for people to take this test, or have achieved passing scores of the exam themselves!

As you can see, working with Four Phase Energy is a step up from any plain solar contractor. We really know our stuff.

In a recent Auburn Journal piece that Steve was featured in for their continuing series “Placer 2017: A look ahead”, Steve was quoted saying, “California is leading the nation, if not the world, in clean energy. By 2020, all utilities need to have 30 percent of their energy from renewable sources.  All the rooftop solar counts, as well as wind, water and environmental credits. Solar is the fastest growing industry in the country. The most common reason consumers pursue solar is for saving money; solar hedges their rate increases. There’s a lack of understanding of what’s involved. Many think it’s too expensive, but solar panels have dropped in price dramatically – from thousands to hundreds of dollars.”

At Four Phase Energy, we’re committed to assisting the public in understanding the ins and outs of going solar, and helping you determine whether it’s right for your household or business.  Do you want to learn more?  Steve is teaching an informative class hosted by The Learning Exchange on January 28th at the Sacramento Learning Exchange.

You don’t have to rely on our knowledge to make solar decisions. You can educate yourself and learn from one of the best, most qualified teachers in the renewable energy sector of our community! Whether you're young or old, this information can help spring you into the future of your energy production so you can decide along with our qualified solar energy professionals, if the path to renewable PV energy is right for your home or business.

In addition to graduating from San Jose State with a Bachelor of Science degree in business marketing, Steve holds a CA State General and Electrical Contractors License. He has a broad depth of PV experience, including: leading installation jobs, supervising work crews, managing materials, and performing troubleshooting of electrical equipment and photovoltaic solar equipment. He has installed all major brands of photovoltaic panels, inverters and related power equipment. He has trained hundreds of people in Photovoltaics (PV). He also teaches for the California Laborers Union and California Conservation Corp.

Steve Geiger Four Phase Energy CEO and Department Chair of Construction and Energy Technology at Sierra College; photo credit Auburn Journal's "Placer 2017: A Look Ahead" series. 


  1. The Learning Exchange is going to be a strong platform that allows FPE to teach the community about solar! The online community can use this blog as a way to submit follow up questions after the seminar.

  2. I was talking with my brother yesterday about the Learning Exchange and he said, "Cant anyone just walk into a solar company and get the same information?" I explained that the information a person will receive from most solar companies will be biased and blanketed in a sales pitch. The Learning Exchange and Four Phase Energy provide an educational environment based on decades of experience in the solar industry. The presentation will be lead by a Nationally recognized solar PV professor who is the areas leading expert is solar energy. The quality of information is unmatched.

  3. This is a great opportunity for everyone to be a part of the next generation of energy technology !! I am very proud to say loudly that I have completed the PV Systems program under the instruction of Steve Geiger (OSHA, PV sales, intermediate PV and Advanced PV) and Sergey Sokolov (beginning PV).

    My personal interest was born of a desire to be at the front of the line for the "next big thing" as most industries in the United States face many challenges in our global economy and the best way to be relevant and successful is to provide products/services that provide actual value to the market and the consumer.

    The other motivation was more circumstantial as my wife and I purchased our first home in July of 2012 and through our own ignorance did not distinguish between energy providers. In other words we went from SMUD to PG&E then had an immediate melt down when received our first electric bill in August.

    When we got off of the floor and finished sobbing, we decided to be proactive and took the only action we could via suggestion from all of the Solar vehicles we were seeing on our daily commute. We searched the internet and came down to the two top companies that cover our general area.

    After going through the home buying process we hyper vigilant where money was involved which made us even more sensitive to salespeople. Both my wife and I worked in jobs that were very technical so we were very impressed with the way both companies conducted business at least as far as the communications technology but we started to notice that the information was inconsistent between the companies.

    Of course we had questions but being that we were unfamiliar with Solar we had little knowledge to draw from so whenever we were asked if we had questions we drew a blank and they simply moved on to try to close the sale. At that point we just walked away and my wife lost interest and decided that Solar would just be another expense we could ill afford, I on the other hand thought that I must be missing something which is just not acceptable to me.

    You can all se where this all lead and I can't pat myself on the back enough but more so, I can't thank Steve enough as I honestly feel like I WON! I am now focused on bringing as many people as I can to the table, to let them know that you don't have to be rich to be a successful participant in our new global economy.

    Our dependence on electricity is front and center in our lives. From those that have to pay a huge bill to our everyday obsession with the batteries in our devices. We also know the massive amounts of money made by our energy providers. My personal opinion of solar has increased with my knowledge and I now liken the opportunity for home and business owners to be modern day Beverly Hillbillies except without the oil.

    I can now take energy Consumers and make them energy Producers!