Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Industry Paths to Energy Storage (part 2 of 3)

As long as I've been aware of solar, Outback Power has always been associated with off-grid and they continue to show why their brand is tied to the solution.
Their latest product is the SkyBox Inverter (available mid 2017).   Check out the marketing on their website.
You can also see their press release here: OutBack Power Launches Energy Platform Breakthrough, SkyBox

When we hear the words "inverter", "battery".. we don't really bat an eye over it. But what I find interesting about this system is that Outback promotes the systems as a solution that you can starts you off as being tied to the grid and then, when you're ready, introduce batteries for the off-grid flavor.    The ability to "go off-grid" is a common inquiry to new solar system owners.  Most of the residential systems installed today are grid-tied only.

How is that any different to battery systems you ask?  This particular inverter system works with lithium ion, standard batteries and other battery technologies, including Aquion Ion, an interesting salt water based storage solution.

If that wasn't flexible enough, the system also allows for 600 volts of input and comes with an integrated monitoring system for that.

What solar companies are going to need to address is how to introduce energy storage solutions to systems that were not originally designed for battery back-up.  As the series points to, the solar industry is moving towards more efficient energy storage solutions like an "all-in-one" such as the SkyBox.  For systems going forward, it only makes sense to install a solar system that is ready for energy storage.


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