Monday, January 16, 2017

Industry Paths to Energy Storage (part 1 of 3)

There are several ways we can observe the energy storage landscape and envision where the technology will end up.  You can follow companies that have always been associated with off-grid such as Outback Power, innovators such as Tesla or even choose strategies that rely on (or even go against) them.  In the previous post, The Growing Investment in Energy Storage, its very clear that energy storage projects are on the rise and most importantly, money is going towards the solution. Four Phase Energy has a core fundamental of educating future energy professionals, so it's important for us to stay in tune with the movers of the industry and try to keep an open mind about how they achieve their objectives. As we all know, success with one method of energy storage can change the way we live.

In a recent post from Renewable Energy World, there was a featured article on Wall Street's view of the Tesla's Gigafactory.  First, here's what you have to appreciate about the factory.  An all-electric, zero emissions factory with a 70 MW solar rooftop and ground mount systems!  You can read more of the factory's sustainability here on Tesla's investor section.
Without diving into the numbers, the market doesn't seem too impressed. Fortunately for Tesla and all the Elon fans out there, there's plenty of people cheering for them to succeed.  Til then, it seems investors will continue to cautiously support the innovative company.  Why is it important to watch this company?  Just like Solar City is to solar, Tesla has the potential to become a predictor of the power storage sector.  (Side note. Since the REW article, TSLA has gone up 50+ points.  See, there's love)

Next on the plate...Outback Power

Outback Power -
Renewable Energy World - "Wall Street Cautious on Tesla Plant Start-up"
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  1. The solar industry is evolving soooo rapidly that its difficult to keep up with it all. We see companies like Tesla innovating new technology that changes the perspective of solar and energy storage. As you and Steve have been saying for years, SOLAR IS SEXY and the mainstream is starting to catch on.